Unhinged Episode #005: Self-Medication & Medical Marijuana - Unhinged

Unhinged Episode #005: Self-Medication & Medical Marijuana

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Unhinged Episode #005: Self-Medication & Medical Marijuana

This episode opens with an emotional reveal of our struggle to get the episode recorded due to Doug’s most recent downward turn. Waking up depressed and angry for the last couple of days has forced Doug to postpone the show twice before we decided to openly discuss his feelings on-air.

Once we got the show going, our main topic of discussion was self-medication and medical marijuana. We discuss drugs, both prescribed and illicit, and how they can be abused by people who suffer from depression. Doug talks about some of the drugs he has taken, his long-term experience with marijuana, and how he’s using it now (hint: it’s not always positive for him).

We also get into some of the claimed psychological benefits of medical marijuana, discuss the different strains and how they affect the mind and body, and talk about Doug’s psychological addiction.

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