Unhinged Episode #014: Texting Truths and Brain Facts - Unhinged

Unhinged Episode #014: Texting Truths and Brain Facts

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Unhinged Episode #014: Texting Truths and Brain Facts

Another month’s end, another situational downward turn. In our 14th episode, we discuss how living under the poverty line puts any mental illness recovery in danger. Doug’s situation is no exception as he struggles to survive for eight days with a zero balance. We re-enact a texting conversation we had in preparation for the show that outlines just how negative, sarcastic, and angry one can get when control over normal, mundane things is lost.

On the lighter side, we present another round of interesting facts about the brain.

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  1. Karen Gross
    Wow - can a brain cell separated from the herd still communicate with the ones still in my head - Trippy! Quantum physics and all. And music therapy really works - if you know a mother with a toddler or two that she would lay down her life for, but right now she really can't stand them - tell her to sing to them. Apparently you can't be angry while you sing - somebody please tell Axl Rose and Gene Simmons. Researching Parkinson's disease has taught me lots of fascinating brain facts, if I could only remember them. (Hey, that line is going in my book!) By the time most PD is causing symptoms, 80% of the dopamine producing cells have already died. And finances! In Canada, if you are fortunate enough to receive a government disability check it is less than $800 a month. It took me a year and a half of writing letters and making phone calls before I was finally in.I know lots of people who have either given up and are living on the streets or whatever, and I know people who are getting it and that's all the income they have - try to live on less than $800 a month. I am very fortunate to be married with my husband working. I don't know how we would live. We just married off a daughter, and paid for about a third of her wedding, I feel extremely wealthy compared to people I know who are trying to live on CPP beneflts, I have two friends in particular that I feel like Ed and Doug, I have given them each a lot of money, but then the friendship gets weird. I gave a mom in our church $3000 anonymously (a tithe, or tenth of my inheritance when my dad passed away). She paid her bills and got back up to 0, but you can never get ahead. Okay, rant over.

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