Unhinged Episode #018: Relapse Part 2 - The Call - Unhinged

Unhinged Episode #018: Relapse Part 2 – The Call

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Unhinged Episode #018: Relapse Part 2 – The Call
NOTE: This episode contains very strong language and disturbing subject matter. This is a real life documentation of a person in a desperate state, wanting his pain to end. Listener discretion is advised.

Since the 4th of July, Doug’s mood has been steadily dropping, effectively ending his two-month remission from his treatment-resistant depression. On July 16th, he called me in a very low state to warn me that I should be prepared for the worst.

This episode is a recording of that phone call… totally raw, emotional, and unscripted. He was unaware that I was recording our conversation until I revealed that to him at the end of the call.

We then agreed that it would make a powerful episode to show just how this disease can bring someone to the brink of desperation.

We apologize for the length of this episode, but we felt we had to show the distorted thinking and circular discussions of someone in this state. We also apologize that the audio quality is not quite up to our standards, but since this was impromptu, Doug was not on his podcast mic at the time.

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  1. Karen Gross
    Wishing that my condition would be fatal, instead of a progressive, incurable disease -- I've been there...feeling useless. I once called up a friend who used to work with Child and Family Services for advice on giving up my kids because I couldn't take care of them. My kids are grown up now, and I am obviously grateful now that I kept them.
    • Doug Warren
      Karen, first sorry for the delay...but, if you should ever need/want to chat, I will always try to make myself available to you. Just send me a message through the website or through our facebook page and I'm very good at replying quickly (barring an relapse...Dog Forbid! ;) Thanks SO much for being a loyal listener!!

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