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Saving Doug Campaign

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Hello Unhinged listeners! As you may know from our last show, we are taking a short break from the podcast until Doug feels a bit better. This break will help relieve some stress for him, and any bit of stress right now is hard for him to handle.

He’s been down for a few weeks now, struggling with anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and deep depression. As we’ve mentioned on the show before, he’s on disability and lives just under the poverty line. Every month, when he runs out of money, he can go days without food and is just inches away from homelessness. So to try to dig him out of this hole, I started a GoFundMe campaign so he won’t starve and to remove one of the biggest stressors he has in his life. This will help him both mentally and physically.

So if you feel like making a donation, hit the button below. Any amount helps! If you cannot donate, I totally understand. Just keep listening to our show! THANK YOU!

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