Unhinged Episode #047: Steppin' Into The Twilight Zone - Unhinged

Unhinged Episode #047: Steppin’ Into The Twilight Zone

by Ed 2 Comments
Unhinged Episode #047: Steppin’ Into The Twilight Zone

It was a long day of recording when we did this episode. But the reason is because we were having too much fun putting together a little song clip for the show’s intro. What song? Hint: see the title of this episode 🙂 After 8 hours of fooling around on guitar and trying to make remote music recording work (latency is not your friend), we finally got to talking.

The good news is that spirits are still high and Doug is still on the positive side of things. Of course, he is still concerned about relapsing, and treads lightly to try to avoid known triggers. The even better news is that the healing process between Doug and his family has started! He had two very good talks with his brother and sister, and the newly opened lines of communication promise to be the bridge that reunites them fully. Hooray for family!

We also discuss the importance of refocusing one’s energies into the right channels. By changing negative patterns into actions that advance the good in one’s life, normalcy can slowly creep its way back. It takes work and is not easy, but it is a powerful tool in the arsenal of anyone with a mental illness.

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Comments ( 2 )

  1. Replybsmtndwllr73(Avery)
    Nice 'n' tight musicianship and vocals there, Lads!! Hope to hear a complete version in the not too distant future!! Doug, glad to hear that you are taking the initial steps in reconnecting with some of your family members. Sadly, this is not even remotely possible with my extended family( on both sides). Keep up the good work and I'm fully ready, able and willing to appear on the show at a moment's notice, just as long as your provide door-to-door limo service and a hot catered lunch!! Not to mention auto-tune and that P. Frampton talkbox effect for my voice!!!
    • ReplyDoug
      Thanks Avery...your comments are consistently appealing, astute & absolutely refreshing as always (please excuse the gratuitous Johnny Cochran alliteration.) We, unlike other productions, do adjust our shows & content in part by the good responses we receive. Please keep up the good work & thanks for listening! ~Doug W.

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