Unhinged Episode #049: Fear: The Halloween Special - Unhinged

Unhinged Episode #049: Fear: The Halloween Special

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Unhinged Episode #049: Fear: The Halloween Special

It’s Halloween, which brings us to our special episode on FEAR. What scares us, and why? We talk about the horror movies that scared us growing up, and why we enjoy them. What is it about a good horror movie that gets our hearts racing? Why do we enjoy being scared? There’s science behind that and we talk about some of the theories.

Besides scary movies, we also discuss other fears of ours, including heights, speed, public speaking, insects, and more. Through the study of fear, scientists can now identify what areas in the brain are responsible, hopefully leading to more accurate and successful treatments of anxiety.

We all have fears. Sometimes they might seem irrational, but we know what scares us. Some fears are debilitating, and some can be fun. Our brains decide that for us, but with more research, we can hope to one day be able to reliably control the volume knob of our anxieties.

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  1. bsmntdwllr73(Avery)
    What a timely topic! Is there some specific holiday going on today that maybe I'm unaware of!?! Also, while I agree with most of your commentary on the films you discussed, I feel that you were a little bit rough on "Candyman". Who could resist his refrain of "I hear you're looking for Candyman, Witch!" (original film line contained the B. word!!)? They certainly don't make most commercial horror movies like they did back in the '80s. First off, most of them aren't scary or even that interesting, and secondly, they seem to only exist to give teenagers a safe place to indulge in some covert hanky panky in a darkened theatre!! Somewhat ironic when you consider that it was always the most promiscuous teenagers who died first in the horror classics of yesteryear!! Can't wait for next week's 50th episode. Keep up the great work, Fellas!

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