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Unhinged Episode #050: We Are Finding Who We Are

by Ed 3 Comments
Unhinged Episode #050: We Are Finding Who We Are

For our 50th episode, we start off with a clip of us singing the King’s X song “We Are Finding Who We Are”. In a way, it’s very relevant to what our show is all about. We look to the unknown future, with pain we have yet to experience, but know is coming. Those challenges can be overcome with the help of others. No mountain is too big to climb if you do it together.

This is evident in the mere fact that we are on our 50th episode. It’s a milestone that took us nearly a year and half, with many ups and downs, including a 5 month hiatus. But we keep coming back to record another episode. Why? Because we’ve heard from some of our listeners that our show has made them feel like they’re not alone, that somehow we have provided just a little bit of comfort to a suffering mind. That gives us purpose, which is validating to both of us, but especially to Doug, who can turn his lifelong battle into something positive for other sufferers.

This is a journey for both of us… an exploration of our fears, wants, and needs. We don’t have the answers, but we’re discovering them along the way. We are finding who we are.

Forever is a mountain we’ve yet to climb
Tears are a part of what is yet to leave behind
Strength in numbers, all you need is two
Everyone’s a winner, while still so many lose

The volume of emotion erupting in our souls
A quiet revelation quickly takes a hold
Patience is a virtue, but she won’t always wait
Dissension is the tension, it’s what we’ve learned to hate

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Comments ( 3 )

  1. bsmntdwllr73(Avery)
    Nice work on the King's X tribute, Fellas! There's a band that has been greatly underrated for far too long!! Congrats on your 50th episode and hopefully one day you will celebrate your 200th show and beyond!! I really enjoy your musical performances and look forward to some full-length renditions (I know, I know, they can be time consuming, but are much-appreciated!!), or maybe even some original pieces?!? Good to hear that Doug is coming along and moving in a positive direction. He is a very inspiring individual and one day I hope to be as proactive in a similar manner!
    • Ed
      Thanks, Avery! Yes, we want to do some full songs as well, but as you say, it is very time consuming. We have been working on one original song that is full length, but it's not ready yet. We've been working on it for months :-) It's called "Hey, Brother" and it has a very War/Rare Earth/Edgar Winter sort of sound (mixed with maybe a little gospel). Of course, we'll post it when it's done! -Ed
  2. bsmntdwllr73(Avery)
    Ed, thanks for the speedy reply!! Looking forward to your original song when it is finished!! The musical artists you cited in your description are all top notch!! Can't beat Rare Earth's singing drummer or the eclectic musical offerings of War and Edgar Winter, either!

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