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Unhinged Episode #054: Open Your Presence

by Ed 3 Comments
Unhinged Episode #054: Open Your Presence

In our first episode of 2018, we start with a short and fun guitar jam, which highlights the mood for the new year. Doug is feeling much better, and after receiving the love and generosity from some of our friends and listeners, he’s entering the new year on a wave of positivity.

The bulk of this episode was recorded on January 2nd, which happened to be my birthday. Doug contacted me and said he had some things to say that should be recorded for the show, so I went ahead and recorded our conversation. For Christmas, I got Doug a Fender Squier guitar and a Fender amp. His acoustic guitar, though a beautiful instrument, was not totally filling his void for musical expression, and his last electric guitar had to be sold last year for financial reasons (plus it ended up not being the guitar he thought it would be anyway). In any case, getting a Fender back in his hands was enough to trigger a positive psychological change.

We mostly talk about music and guitars in this episode, but the underlying tone is one of hope. Doug talks about self-care and how to try to stay positive by surrounding yourself with a strong support system.

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Comments ( 3 )

  1. Replybsmntdwllr73 (Avery)
    Nice piece of instrumental music, fellas!! We need a full-length jam as soon as humanly possible!!! Glad to hear how much better Doug is doing/feeling. Also nice to be name-checked on the show again!! Perhaps one of these days I'll get around to coming on the show and explaining ASD from the perspective of a middle-aged, reformed crank?!? As for choice of guitars, have never been a player (no co-ordination,LOL!!!), but I think that I prefer the aesthetics and tones of Gibsons over Fenders (sorry, Doug!). Although Bruce Springsteen and Prince sure do/did make those Fender planks 'n' strings sound real good! P.S., Ed: B.C. Rich, wow, that's a real six string '80s metal throwback! Long live the classic BC Rich Bitch axe!!
  2. Replybsmntdwllr73 (Avery)
    Um, that should have read as B.C. Rich Bich (sorry for using the slang name, as taken in through the osmosis of having read a multitude of late '80s/early '90s guitar magazines!!
    • ReplyEd
      Thanks for your comments, Avery! Just FYI, my B.C. Rich is not a typical Warlock or Bich. It's actually Strat-shaped with a bluish snakeskin pattern on it (very 80's!). It has two single coils and a humbucker with three toggle switches (a slightly odd configuration that differs from Fender's 5-way switch). Though I always tended to prefer the Gibson sound (especially when distorted), I have come around to the beauty that a good-sounding Fender can provide. Honestly, these days, there are so many ways to shape your sound (amp, digital effects, modeling, etc) that the actual guitar has less of an effect than it used to on the final sound. As long as you're comfortable with the guitar, and it is relatively well made, you don't have to spend a ton of money to get the sound you want.

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