Unhinged Episode #058: Chillax - Unhinged

Unhinged Episode #058: Chillax

by Ed 1 Comment
Unhinged Episode #058: Chillax

Doug’s personal life has been challenging lately, and this has, in part, been a cause for a mood drop in the last few days. Our plan for this show was to start by playing some music, maybe work on a new intro, and record the show. Instead, Doug told me to just start recording as soon as we got online because he wanted to explain his current mood and some of the triggers behind it.

Being a person with a mental illness is a challenge on any normal day, but when some serious real life issues arise, it can be downright devastating. A close family member of Doug’s is critically ill, and this news has affected him greatly. On top of that, future plans for Doug’s career as a certified peer support counselor are now a bit foggy.

The good news is that during our conversation, it was obvious to me that he was much farther from the ledge than he has been with other recent mood drops. He was not being a complete defeatist, and he was clearly outlining what he knows he should do and not do to get better. In other words, he’s come a long way to being able to manage these drops more successfully. Talking about it with his support system also helps, so he will be reaching out to his siblings.

The bottom line is that he now knows to deal with each issue one at a time, move on to the next, and just chillax.

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  1. Replybsmntdwllr73(Avery)
    Very late commenting on this episode but my previous attempt was for naught due to technical difficulties on my end!! Sorry to hear about Doug's sick relative. Glad to hear that despite his own ongoing issues Doug is still able to provide some assistance and comfort. Also, once again I wish I had a lifelong friend as caring, devoted, non-judgmental and supportive as Ed. Ed, you truly are a one-in-a-million!!

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