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Unhinged Episode #060: More With Murray

by Ed 2 Comments
Unhinged Episode #060: More With Murray

This week we have Doug’s uncle Murray back on the show to discuss how he lives a stress-free life and how that affects every aspect of his being. Even after being diagnosed with small cell lung cancer, among other serious diseases, he continues to live happily with few, if any negative symptoms. Murray’s “Power of Your Belief System” methodology, coupled with his Simple Facts on stress, has kept him alive, making him a medical enigma to his doctors.

We discuss Murray’s history of magic, hypnosis, and stress-free living, and how he has applied his beliefs to better his life, and those around him. Be sure to check out Murray’s documents below, which we refer to on the show. Remember, there is no try.

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  1. Replybsmntdwllr73(Avery)
    Doug, your Uncle Murray is an incredible guest!! He's like a throwback to those old time performers and hilarious to boot as well! Very important topic, and the segment about slowing down to enjoy one's food is definitely a message I can also take to heart. A little curious about something: Did Murray make a reference to once forgetting his drums onstage in Montreal? Am I to assume that music was also part of his act? Is there any video available of him performing?Will I ever stop asking questions? Tune in next time to find out. Best quit before I run out of question marks!!!
    • ReplyDoug
      Thanks, both Ed and I agree with you there! To clarify, Murray was talking about doing his magic show and he'd forgotten his "Doves", not "Drums" backstage...Unfortunately, it was hard to hear it clearly due to the call-in connection, as well as the quality of his voice as a result of his recent medical treatments. I spoke with him today and his voice actually sounded better. Thanks, as always, for your loyalty to the show and your consistently eloquent & entertaining comments. I must 'out you' by mentioning that you are now part of the Unhinged Podcast team, Spectrum Division! We look forward to your next article on your thoughts, insights, stories & struggles on living with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), specifically a high-functioning adult with Asperger's (AKA Asperger Syndrome or AS).

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